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Interior Eras: Victorian Skirting Board

Interior Eras- Victorian Skirting Blog

Victorian Skirting Boards: The Victorian Era   Victorian Skirting Board The Victorian Era spanned over the years 1837 – 1901, the time in which Queen Victoria was in reign. The Victorian Era brought revolution not only of the industry but also a rise of a self-indulgent, newly rich class. Wealth brought forward a desire for […]

How To Paint MDF Skirting Boards


How To Paint MDF Skirting Boards Painting skirting boards may be a bit tricky considering they are low down and worries of paint dripping on the flooring. However, here are some tips to do the most efficient job when you need to paint MDF skirting boards. What You Will Need to Paint Skirting Boards: 2-inch […]

Pre-Painted Skirting Board Options at Skirting UK


When ordering your skirting board, architrave, window boards or any other MDF products from Skirting UK, you will choose which finish you would like to have. We have a few pre-painted skirting board options to choose from; primed, eggshell, satin and gloss. All paints are applied accurately through a spray gun by one of our skilled […]

How Our Customers Get Creative With Their Orders

When we list our products as ‘Skirting board’ ‘Dado-rail’ etc, that does not go to say, that is their only possibility. We have had some interesting ideas sent to us by our customers and we thought we would share them! If you have done something creative, feel free to let us know and you may […]

Modern Skirting Boards for Contemporary Homes

Coloured skirting boards Traditionally, skirting boards are white and glossy. You can switch this up by adding colours to your skirting board, this will add something very different to your room. Black will look sleek and smooth and can be perfect for a modern and minimal style home. Colours like blue, pink and green can […]

Choosing The Right Skirting Board

Choosing The Right Skirting Board

CHOOSING THE RIGHT SKIRTING BOARD If you are asking yourself ‘Which skirting board should I choose?’ ‘How do I decide on a finish?’ ‘What profile will suit my home?’ hopefully, this post will help you! We are used to treating skirting boards as a necessity, especially in modern homes. A common unimportant division between wall and […]