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How MDF Skirting Board is Made

How is our MDF Skirting Board Made? At Skirting UK, every item you order from us is made-to-order. In our Birmingham warehouse, we manufacture not only skirting boards but also architrave, window boards, dado-rail, picture rail, door frames, plinth blocks, and rosette blocks. Each item on our website has custom-made dimensions, which allows you to […]

Pre-Painted Skirting Board Options at Skirting UK


When ordering your skirting board, architrave, window boards or any other MDF products from Skirting UK, you will choose which finish you would like to have. We have a few pre-painted skirting board options to choose from; primed, eggshell, satin and gloss. All paints are applied accurately through a spray gun by one of our skilled […]

Burford and Lambs Tongue

Introducing 2 new profiles; Burford and Lambs Tongue Two well-known profiles which were missing from the Skirting UK range have finally be added to the collection, they are Burford and Lambs Tongue. Lambs Tongue Lambs tongue is a widely recognised skirting board. It is a simple profile and is seen in a variety of home […]

How Our Customers Get Creative With Their Orders

When we list our products as ‘Skirting board’ ‘Dado-rail’ etc, that does not go to say, that is their only possibility. We have had some interesting ideas sent to us by our customers and we thought we would share them! If you have done something creative, feel free to let us know and you may […]

Creating a bespoke architrave


Creating a bespoke architrave One of our customers was in need of a bespoke architrave for their Georgian style home. It is a large architrave, contributing of three pieces used to create a unique profile. This is not a style of architrave we have yet come across and therefore it was a profile which we […]

Modern Skirting Boards for Contemporary Homes

Coloured skirting boards Traditionally, skirting boards are white and glossy. You can switch this up by adding colours to your skirting board, this will add something very different to your room. Black will look sleek and smooth and can be perfect for a modern and minimal style home. Colours like blue, pink and green can […]

Plinth Blocks & Rosette Blocks Explained

Plinth Blocks & Rosette Blocks Explained What are Skirting Plinth Blocks? Skirting Plinth Blocks can be used to decorate Skirting Boards and Architraves. They are the lower square block, situated at the base of a column or board which helps to create a traditional finish to any home. Additionally, they help to connect the skirting board and the […]

Rebate Skirting Explained

Rebate Skirting Explained What is rebate: A machine cut section from the back of the skirting board, created for a variety of uses. Most commonly used to hide unsightly cables and wires or to cover up pipes running along the wall. Additionally, it can be used to cover old skirting to save time taking it up. Not […]

What is MDF?

What is MDF? MDF stands for Medium-Density Fibreboard. This is a man-made material which can be used in a variety of ways. There are two types, moisture resistant and fire retardant. They are typically labelled using different colours. The former being green and the latter either red or blue.   How is MDF made? Medium-density fibreboards are engineered wood, […]

Choosing The Right Skirting Board

Choosing The Right Skirting Board

CHOOSING THE RIGHT SKIRTING BOARD If you are asking yourself ‘Which skirting board should I choose?’ ‘How do I decide on a finish?’ ‘What profile will suit my home?’ hopefully, this post will help you! We are used to treating skirting boards as a necessity, especially in modern homes. A common unimportant division between wall and […]