With a large choice of profile designs and a huge selection of sizes to suit your needs, we have everything to suit you and your home or the house your working on – from a piece of custom-made skirting board to a bulk order of MDF skirting boards, we can do it all.

When your skirting board has been made, choose the finish you require, this could range from unprimed board to a gloss finish. We recommend that you select a primed finish ready for the final finishing coat, or let skirting UK apply a finishing coat for you, with our quality white Gloss, Satin or Eggshell options.

Before you make a decision, why not order some free samples on all skirting and architrave profiles. We are here to help, so If you have any questions regarding our products or services, do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly, professional team at Skirting UK.

Moisture resistant mdf boards

The MR MDF is industrial grade and moisture resistant the MR MDF specification is exactly the same for all of our products.

Lengths of boards can be at 8 x 4 and 10 x 4 sheets are typically used in the building industry and now introducing the 5.4m lengths offers wider variation (less waste) with fitting Skirting Bards & Architrave Lengths. Some boards may have a green dye and some will be on a standard brown colour, however, the green dye does not mean the brown boards are not Moisture Resistant, In fact about 10-15 years ago they would add a green dye to differentiate between the two boards so the trades men could easily determine what was MR and what was Standard, this is no longer the case and most if not all 4.2m board are brown mix.  The 4200mm & 5400mm lengths are predominantly used in the manufacturing of MDF mouldings  such as Skirting Boards.

Over the past years, Medium Density Fibreboard has become an increasingly popular woodwork thanks to its versatile uses. Unlike natural woods, MDF does not contain any knots or rings, allowing for a more clean appearance. Additionally, cutting through knots and rings is more difficult so without them, it makes the job easier. Medium density fibreboard is less expensive than many natural kinds of wood which allows for the prices of our products to be more suitable for our customers. In addition, it is consistent in strength and size and also shapes well. This material will not expand or contract, unlike other woods which is beneficial. Also, finishing MDF is much easier such as adding primer and paint.

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