Why Would I need Skirting Board for my House?

Why Skirting Board?

To put it simply, skirting board is designed to have two main purposes: To protect your walls, and as a decorative feature – improving the aesthetics and sturdiness of your home.

Protect your Walls with High-Quality Skirting Board

It may seem like an obvious statement to make, but you can’t have a house without rooms, and every room has walls and a floor! Some high-quality skirting board will ensure that these will remain in tiptop condition, keeping your house feeling like a home.

With all the hard work that you have put into doing your walls, you will want to protect them as much as possible. Installing skirting board will allow for the lower parts of your walls to be protected from bumps and scratches. These incidents can happen far more easily than you even realise. Moving furniture? Have pets? Bit of vacuuming? All these – and more – could easily cause nicks in the wall. Using Skirting Board can even help you cover up even flooring edges or to cover up existing marks at the base of your walls!

Skirting to Create a Unique Style

Whilst protection against day-to-day life is important, the next crucial part of skirting board is to provide a unique aesthetic to the room. At Skirting UK, we have over 56 different profiles available to choose from, providing a vast array of different styles – ideal for choosing a profile to suit your room. Installing skirting board throughout your house will help to develop an identity for your property, adding some subtle character which can really tie a room together.

Choosing a Profile

This can be a little more challenging than you realise. This is why we have separated our products into a range of different styles: Modern, Period, Traditional, and Simplistic. With so many styles to choose from, we understand that you may want to see what our products look like before placing your order. As such, we provide a free samples service; all you have to pay is a small postage fee.

Need advice choosing a design, or have further questions? Please feel free to get in contact with the Skirting UK team on 0121 289 4940 or use our live chat to speak to one of our specialists!

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