The Skirting UK Team

Find out the Skirting Uk team who you are dealing with and some information about our us. Who sprays your products? Who answers the phone? Find out our favourite profiles too!

The Office Team

Rachel Allen
Director of Marketing & Sales

Rachel Allen is the Director of Skirting UK, with an extensive knowledge of all things Skirting. Rachel will always have an idea. 

Main Duties: Arranging orders, discussing options with customers and managing the team. 

Favourite Profile: Bullnose Contemporary



Chelsea Aston
Digital Marketing Executive

Chelsea started her role at Skirting UK as an apprentice and has now gone on to become a full-time member at the workplace.

Main Roles: Managing the social media, live chat and content on the website.

Favourite Profile: Stepped


Shodease Allen
Human Resources Manager

Shodease Allen is our HR manager helping our employees and customers.

Main Duties: Human resources, accounts and admin. 

Favourite Profile: Profile IV

Harry Calder
PPC Specialist

Harry is our newest recruit, with a background in web development. 

Main Duties: Web development and AdWords. 

Favourite Profile: Regency 


The Warehouse Team

David Hadley
Spray Technician
David specialises in spraying the products in Gloss, Satin and Eggshell, leaving a wonderful finish every time.

Favourite Profile: Victorian II


Roy Allen
Warehouse Supervisor
Roy manages the warehouse, ensuring orders are complete and ready for delivery.

Favourite Profile: Stepped II


Carl Stanley
Warehouse Assistant
Carl assits with the saw, moulding and sanding our products down to ensure they are smooth.

Favourite Profile: Burford


Skirting UK Team member Roy in the warehouse Several Skirting UK Team Members Skirting UK Team Members Harry and Shodease Skirting UK Team members dave and roy