The Office Team


Rachel Allen
Director of Marketing & Sales

Rachel Allen is the Director of Skirting UK, with an extensive knowledge of all things Skirting. Rachel will always have an idea. 

Main Duties: Arranging orders, discussing options with customers and managing the team. 

Favourite Profile: Bullnose Contemporary



Chelsea Aston
Digital Marketing Executive

Chelsea started her role at Skirting UK as an apprentice and has now gone on to become a full-time member at the workplace.

Main Roles: Managing the social media, live chat and content on the website.

Favourite Profile: Stepped


Shodease Allen
Human Resources Manager

Shodease Allen is our HR manager helping our employees and customers.

Main Duties: Human resources, accounts and admin. 

Favourite Profile: Profile IV

Harry Calder
Digital Marketing Assistant

Harry is our newest recruit, with a background in web development. 

Main Duties: Web development and AdWords. 

Favourite Profile: Regency 


The Warehouse Team

David Hadley
Spray Technician
David specialises in spraying the products in Gloss, Satin and Eggshell, leaving a wonderful finish every time.

Favourite Profile: Victorian II


Roy Allen
Warehouse Supervisor
Roy manages the warehouse, ensuring orders are complete and ready for delivery.

Favourite Profile: Stepped II


Carl Stanley
Warehouse Assistant
Carl assits with the saw, moulding and sanding our products down to ensure they are smooth.

Favourite Profile: Burford