Green Policy

It is up to every business to take part in preserving the earth’s natural resources. At Skirting UK we try our best to stay ‘green’. Read some ways in which we contribute:

    1.  We buy locally! Our MDF and our paint are purchased locally, therefore we avoid the pollution incurred by transporting goods long distance.
    2.  We use natural light in our warehouse, from the roof windows that bring in a sufficient amount of daylight.
    3.  The lights in the office are on a timer, meaning they can’t be left on, avoiding unnecessary electricity being wasted.
    4.  Our receipts are paperless! (Except for when requested by the customer)
    5. Members of staff who live near each other car share to avoid extra car pollution.
    6. All our samples come in one standard size, to avoid wastage.

If you have any ideas on how we can be more green, email us!

Green Plants