How Skirting UK got involved with the Big Build on DIY SOS.


How Skirting UK got involved with the Big Build on DIY SOS.

Skirting UK are delighted to have worked alongside the DIY SOS team for the Big Build and improved the lives of a family in need.

What is The Big Build?

DIY SOS is a BBC TV programme, which has been on TV for almost two decades.  The show, presented by Nick Knowles, involves ambitious home projects for deserving families where tradesmen from the local community pitch in to help.

What happened?

Ben, a father of two, had a tragic accident whilst on a family holiday in Cyprus. A slip by the pool caused Ben to break his neck in three places, leaving him paralysed. He received treatment in both Cyprus and Germany over the coming months, eventually returning to the UK where his therapy continued in the Salisbury Spinal Unit. In 12 months, Ben has made amazing progress but unfortunately he has been unable to live in the family home, as it can’t accommodate his needs. He has spent the last year living alone, miles from his wife Ella, and two daughters Iris and Olivia.

How Skirting UK helped

This Big Build meant almost doubling the size of the family home, which meant they required a lot of skirting and architrave. DIY SOS hasn’t worked with a skirting board manufacturer previously, so they’ve been limited to working with standard square profiles. Skirting UK had a variety for the team to choose from, so their job was made easier and they could add more character to the build. The team decided on Grooved Square; its’ simple profile makes it easier to join skirting and architrave when being fitted. They also added something different to the property by choosing a height of 250 mm, which is taller than most skirting boards. They also had architrave to match for 16 single doors and 1 double door in the home.

Our process

It’s not called a Big Build for nothing! We had a lot of skirting and architrave to make, so we had to get to work. When we told our MDF suppliers, James Latham’s, the story, they donated a pack to help with the project. We had to make sure everything was ready for the team in Gloucestershire ahead of the start date so the joiners could be ready. When the guys from James Latham’s arrived, we got to work.

The MDF was cut down to size, we created the groove with our machinery, sanded down the boards and added a primer. When all were dry, they were packed and loaded into the van, ready to be driven to Avening in advance of the Big Build.

We arrived at the site after navigating many country lanes and dealing with numerous diversions. The family’s friendly neighbours had offered their driveways for building materials, resources and skips for the 9-day build. Other trades teams came straight over to help us unload, demonstrating the spirit of the community and their willingness to help Ben and his family.

It was an honour to help Ben, Ella, Olivia and Iris and we’re excited to see the finished episode live in 2018. If you’re interested to help, Ella has set up an online fundraiser, best 4 Ben.

If you’d like more information about the skirting and architrave used, please contact Skirting UK on 0121 289 4940.

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