Modern Skirting Boards for Contemporary Homes

Modern Skirting Boards for Contemporary Homes

Coloured skirting boards

Traditionally, skirting boards are white and glossy. You can switch this up by adding colours to your skirting board, this will add something very different to your room. Black will look sleek and smooth and can be perfect for a modern and minimal style home. Colours like blue, pink and green can create a contemporary feel to any home and great for children’s bedrooms. Shades of grey can create a modern feel without being too out there. At Skirting UK we will prime your products allowing for an easy application of your desired paint.

Profile IV Tall Grey Modern Skirting Boards  Irchya Blue Modern Skirting Board

Modern skirting boards

We offer a huge range of profiles, suiting to a variety of different styles and interiors. For a sleek and minimal home, Square, Edge, Mini Bullnose and Bullnose are great options for modern skirting boards. For a profile with a bit more character, you can choose from the groove range. All of the profiles just stated can have a grooved added. It includes normal grooves, deep grooves and double grooves. Do you have an idea for a groove style we haven’t got listed online? Give us a call and we can see if we can match your specifications! Stepped II is another popular style for modern homes which adds something unique to a home. Profiles to avoid when creating a modern interior is anything with a curve such as Profile IV and Antique.

NEW – We have recently added a whole new range of profiles, perfect for modern homes. Grooves apart, a minimalist skirting, with grooves on each edge of the skirting, creating a unique look. Also, we have the rebate range, including ‘rebate wide groove’, rebate groove, rebate groove II and rebated. You can browse all our modern profiles here: Skirting, Architrave, Dado Rail.


Small heights

Having a skirting board in a smaller height gives a more modern and simplistic look to a room. Tall skirting boards are more traditional, therefore it is best to steer away from this look for it to look more modern. It all depends on the size of the room you are decorating, but anything below 145mm would deliver the small modern look. However, on the other hand, if your interior is contemporary style, extra tall skirting boards will match that style. When deciding on the heights of your skirting boards, consider the style of your home; you can order a bespoke sample from us to decipher which will suit your home interior the best.