Rebate Skirting Explained

Rebate Skirting Explained

What is rebate:

A machine cut section from the back of the skirting board, created for a variety of uses. Most commonly used to hide unsightly cables and wires or to cover up pipes running along the wall. Additionally, it can be used to cover old skirting to save time taking it up. Not everybody can afford taking up your flooring to install expensive built-in under floor wiring, so rebate is the perfect solution.


Nobody likes the look of loose cables or wires hanging around the floor. Not only is it an unattractive look, but it can also be a trip hazard meaning it will be unsafe. This issue can be resolved with rebate skirting. The Skirting UK are able to design your desired skirting board to hide those annoying wires. For cables, we have set sizes. For skirting with an 18mm depth we make a 12mm x 20mm cut and with a 25mm depth = 19mm x 20mm cut. These will be suitable for general cables and wires, nevertheless, we are able to custom make to your desired size.


Pipes running around the bottom of your floorboards can be a real eyesore. We can help you solve this issue by creating a recess fit for the size of those ugly pipes. For skirting with an 18mm depth we make a 12mm x 60mm cut and for skirting with a 25mm depth, the cut is 19mm x 60mm. However, if you require different sizes, we can custom make them to your desired size.

Disguise old skirting:

If you already have skirting boards and you don’t want to remove it, don’t worry. We can create custom skirting rebates to your specification. This will save you time having to uninstall the old skirting boards. Please note we may not be able to make a rebate for certain sizes. Give us a call on 0121 289 4940 and we will be able to let you know if this is available in your size and also give you a quote.

Order now:

If you think that rebate skirting is the solution to your messy cables and pipes, order today with Skirting UK! Simply order the skirting style you would like and choose the rebate style you need.

Regency Skirting with Rebate

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