How MDF Skirting Board is Made

How is our MDF Skirting Board Made?

At Skirting UK, every item you order from us is made-to-order. In our Birmingham warehouse, we manufacture not only skirting boards but also architrave, window boards, dado-rail, picture rail, door frames, plinth blocks, and rosette blocks. Each item on our website has custom-made dimensions, which allows you to have the exact product you want and need. Here are the steps that take place every day in our factory for our Skirting Board to be created.

Cutting Down to Size

We source our MDF from serval UK suppliers, all of which provide the MDF in set lengths and depths. The customer chooses their desired height size, and we cut this down to size. This is done using the saw. There is a selection of pre-defined heights, however, you can request any height between 70mm and 400mm.

Carl Cutting down MDF in the Saw for Skirting Board Made

Moulding the Profile

Once all the lengths for the order are cut down to size, the profile is then created. For the majority of our profiles, we will use the moulder. This involves pushing the lengths through the machine, and the shape is carved into the length and the design is then created. This is known as ‘Moulding’. For some of our profiles, such as ‘Edge 10mm Grooved 2’, the MDF goes through the moulder multiple times to create separate aspects of the designs.

For the profile Square Edge, moulding is not required.

Moulding the Skirting Board Made

The First Sand

Once the design is complete and on the length of the skirting board, it is time to sand the MDF. This is done to create a smooth surface for the primer to be applied too. All surfaces that are visible when the product is installed will be sanded down.
Sanding the skirting board made

Applying Primer

When the product is smooth, it will enter the spraying booth. For all of our Skirting Board made with a finish, we apply 2 coats of primer with sand down before and after each coat. The primer we use is Morrells and is applied through a spray gun.

Finishing with Eggshell, Satin or Gloss

Once the primer is dry and rubbed down again, if you have chosen to have a finish, whether that is eggshell, satin or gloss, that is now applied. The product will be taken back into the spray booth, and like the primer – it will be sprayed onto the lengths by a technician using a spray gun. Using a spray gun applies the paint finely and this creates a stunning finish for all of our MDF products.

Spraying the skirting board made with satin paint

Pack and Wrap the Skirting Board Made

Once our products are complete, they are checked over for quality control and ensuring all the correct products are going to the right customers. Cardboard corners are added to all edges of the lengths to protect from damage in transit. A tight layer of shrink wrap is then added to the whole length, keeping the protective corners in place. They are then numbered and labeled ready to be loaded onto our courier van. Once dispatched, our parcels should arrive in 1 working day to your delivery address.


The next step is all down to you! We love to see the image of our products in our customer’s homes. Here are a few examples of the images we have been sent in and tagged in on Instagram!


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