Creating a bespoke architrave

Creating a bespoke architrave

One of our customers was in need of a bespoke architrave for their Georgian style home. It is a large architrave, contributing of three pieces used to create a unique profile. This is not a style of architrave we have yet come across and therefore it was a profile which we had to recreate in a new way.

First, our customer took a piece of the architrave from their home and brought it in for us to gauge what we can do. One of our technicians put into account our different tools cutters we have and created something almost identical.

Side profile view of  customers old architrave

Customers existing architrave sample - front view

Our technician was able to identify how it was made from 3 different blocks, which we can easily recreate a similar style from the machines and tools we have at Skirting UK.

Birdseye view of bespoke architrave

The first block is simply a square profile in 25mm thickness. The MDF is cut down with a saw for this to be created. This is the base of the architrave and is the thickest section of it, which will lay along the door.

The next addition is a popular profile we sell at Skirting UK; Ogee. This is cut just before the mould ends and it is placed on top of the square.

The final additional is something more unique. It is a 15mm thick length which has a bullnose edge at the top and includes two grooved. The first very close to the top, and the second half way down.


Front view of replicated architrave

Side profile of replicated architrave










Below shows the finished product installed at our customers home. The profile is a real statement to the home and replicated their old style great.

A customers bespoke architrave

Do you need an old profile matching? Give us a call on 0121 289 4940 and we will do what we can to help you to create your bespoke product.