Burford and Lambs Tongue

Introducing 2 new profiles; Burford and Lambs Tongue

Two well-known profiles which were missing from the Skirting UK range have finally be added to the collection, they are Burford and Lambs Tongue.

Lambs Tongue

Lambs tongue is a widely recognised skirting board. It is a simple profile and is seen in a variety of home styles, but most suited for traditional properties. There are a few variations of the product with longer and shorter profiles so if you are matching an existing skirting, order a Skirting UK Lambs Tongue sample to see if this is right for you!

Lambs tongue Skirting Board image


Burford is a design which has grown in popularity amongst contemporary homes in the UK. It is very similar to our high in demand product, grooved, except the actual groove is different.

The Burford profile compromises of a bullnose edge along the top, with a V groove placed in 20mm down from the top of the profile. It is perfect for a modern home, and the V groove eliminates the ‘dust’ issue, many of the home cleaners don’t like with a normal groove.

burford skirting board sample front view burford skirting board side view burford skirting board angled view

Order Today

Do these profiles tick all the boxes? You can order Burford skirting board or Lambs Tongue skirting board today, and choose from a large variety of sizes and finishes.

Heights from 70mm all the way up to 400mm. Thickness can be 15mm, 18mm or 25mm and available in lengths of 3050mm or 4200mm. (Please note that 15mm cannot be made on 4200mm board)

You can have your skirting board in a selection of finishes too. Know how to handle MDF, you can have it unprimed to keep costs down. A white primer is a popular option amongst our customers, making your job of handling it simple. Want to skip all the painting jobs too? Order in a quality finish, spray painted by our experienced technicians; Gloss, Satin or Eggshell are an option. (all white)


If you want to see if these profiles will suit your home, shop or development, order a free skirting board sample today. Come to visit our warehouse and collect, or just pay a nominal delivery fee to get it simply sent right to you!

Burford skirting board sample.

Lambs Tongue skirting board sample.

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