Plinth Blocks & Rosette Blocks Explained

Plinth Blocks & Rosette Blocks Explained

What are Skirting Plinth Blocks?

Skirting Plinth Blocks can be used to decorate Skirting Boards and Architraves. They are the lower square block, situated at the base of a column or board which helps to create a traditional finish to any home. Additionally, they help to connect the skirting board and the architrave without the hassle of identifying specific dimensions. This saves a lot of time installing the architrave and skirting board. They are also widely referred to as the Skirting Block. All of our products, along with Plinths and Rosettes are made from moisture resistant MDF, meaning they are also suitable for rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen.

Our Plinth Blocks:

Skirting UK provide three different styles of skirting plinth blocks; The Chamfer Plinth Block, The Square Edge Plinth Block and The Edge Plinth Block.

The Chamfer Plinth Block:
Chamfer Edge Skirting Plinth Blocks
The Edge Plinth Block:
The Edge Skirting Plinth Blocks
The Square Plinth Block:
Square Skirting Plinth Blocks

What are Architrave Rosette Blocks:

To create a decorative corner on a window or a door, rosette blocks can be used. They are also sometimes referred to as architrave blocks as they are used to link the architrave. They have been in use since the 1800’s and were extremely popular in Victorian times. Not only do they create a great aesthetic, they make it much easier to fit the architrave as there isn’t the worry of fitting them directly together.

Our Rosette Blocks:

We have two different types of rosette blocks to offer; they are the Edge Rosette Block and the Square Edge Rosette Block.

Edge Rosette Block:
Edge 5mm Rosette Block
Square Rosette Block:
Square Rosette Block

Rosette blocks and plinth blocks can be purchased by clicking the image of the style you like. This will direct you to the page on our website for you to add them to your basket! For any questions, you can call one of our specialists on 01212894940 and we will be happy to help.

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